Uttarakhand – All about Adventures and Life

Don’t you get excited when you hear ‘hills’ ? Doesn’t that waterfall falling gregariously from the mountain give a beautiful insight to your soul ? And that echo which you can feel when you shout from up above there, or the spectacular panoramic view you get from up the hilltop, doesn’t all this excite you ?

Uttarakhand has much more than these hills or the waterfalls, to offer you, to get lost in the charm of the wild, to have a nature’s dive.

And with all this, it offers you a wide range of Adventure sports !

Yes, Uttarakhand is rich of many Adventure Sports which you would definitely find difficult to find amidst the running crowd of the cities. Here are some of the adventure sports I have listed out and Uttarakhand loves to offer you and enjoy the ride of the hills!

Camping in Nainital , Rishikesh , Binsar

Uttarakhand is home to camping in the wild set with a backdrop of  a picturesque view.

  1. There are many places like Nainital, Rishikesh, Binsar, where you can find a great place in the nature’s lap and set up your camp by the lake or the flowing river nearby.
  2. The beautiful hills will mesmerise you and make you wonder and wander at the same time.


Golfing in Ranikhet ~

Who doesn’t want to play when you are set out all for fun! The energy and thrill keeps you going!

And let me tell you Uttarakhand has one of the highest Golf Course in Asia. Upat Golf Course situated in Ranikhet, one of the beautiful hill stations of Uttarakhand.



Coming to Uttarakhand and not doing mountaineering is like not eating chocolate at the Chocolate Room.

Uttarakhand is all about hills and that too, the beautiful ones.

  • Mountaineering being the native activity amongst all the people there and travel enthusiasts, you can do it to your fullest!


River Rafting in Rishikesh~ 

Rivers and their hustling clear waters! Uttarakhand is rich with the rivers. Many major rivers of India flows and originate from here and if you want to fill up your soul with thrill, excitement, and adventure, River Rafting is a perfect sport. Rishikesh provides the best River Rafting in Uttarakhand.


Skiing in Auli~

Do you love the snow? The excitement of building snowman’s is fun isn’t it?  And if you get to run and walk through the snow? Endless snow adventures!

Skiing is the best when you find yourself in the snow. Auli in Uttarakhand is the best place for skiing.


Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh~

Heights! Many people out there fear heights,Acrophobia as they call it.

And when you are just thrown from the heights with a rope attached to you, isn’t it a thrilling and near to death experience at the same time?

This sport would excite you with the depths of thrill and life at the same time.

Again, Rishikesh in Uttarakhand provides bungee jumping!

Bungee Jumping.jpg

Cliff Jumping in Rishikesh~

Again jumping but this time from the cliffs. Let the adventure junkie out in you!

And if this sport is done with parachute, it is known as BASE jumping.

Just Imagine! You are thrown from the top of the cliff and you are hanging out in the air enjoying the amazing view. Isn’t it breathtaking ?

  • Rishikesh is the best place for that.


Paragliding in Naukuchiatal~

Want to feel like a bird when they fly. This is the perfect sport for you then. It’s the simplest way to feel the sky and the art of flying free.

Rishikesh and Naukuchiatal in Uttarakhand provides this sport.


Kayaking in Bhimtal~

Want to feel the waters, the still and deep one?

Kayaking is the one sport you are looking for then. And Uttarakhand has many lakes to offer you Kayaking.

Places like Nainital, Rishikesh, Bhimtal, Naukuchiatal, Sattal, etc, are the lake hill stations and ayaking is common there.


Flying Fox in Rishikesh~

This sport let’s adventure enthusiasts enjoy gravity and the full speed of gliding wind as you fly like a hawk in the air.

And Rishikesh has the largest Flying Fox in India.


Rock Climbing~

Rocks, Rocks everywhere and all waiting for you to climb them and have a feel that is all thrilling, exciting and adventurous.

Uttarakhand is rich in rocks and rock climbing is a common sport here.


Jim Corbett National Park – Ramnagar

Do you now want to dive into the wild and have a tour of the animals? Jim Corbett National Park is a home to many species and birds, especially tigers. Go out on a safari and enjoy the wildlife, fauna and flora!


This was just a glimpse what Uttarakhand has in store for you. But believe me, Uttarakhand is much more than that. These were some near to death experiences you can have there and feel life. The hills, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, himalayas, snow, forests, great mountain top views, and much more, everything sums up Uttarakhand. And don’t forget to visit the highest hill station of Uttarakhand, Binsar which will make you feel that you are standing above the clouds.

So, what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags and come along to Uttarakhand.

Set that adventure junkie in you free!


Life at 14000 feet


Imagine a valley ringed by nirvana quiet snow capped mountains, and you stand in awe as they loom before you, seeking more than spiritual solace in the natural world !! The experience is a real delight in a heaven which offers almost everything, amongst the open valleys, meadows, pine-thick forests, changing shades of green patches, freezing waterfalls, known for long after Hampta Maharshi meditated here for several years, and thus being named after him, THE HAMPTA PASS.


Making way from Manali by a jeep, inhale the contented fresh air, leaving away all the emotions behind as you drive further and now , there is something big to accomplish in the spirits of freedom, to complete a 4-day trek of this pass, beginning in Manali and ending in a place called Chatru, which is located in Spiti Valley. The trek starts at an altitude of about 10,000 feet from a place called Jwara. The terrain is mostly rocky amidst large sized boulders. The trek from Kullu District to the Lahaul and Spiti District, takes one from the Windward side to the Leeward side. Witness the terrains changing from a green paradise to a rocky cold desert in just a few meters across the pass.


Pick up from Manali, trek from Jobra to Chika-

The actual trek starts from Jobra to Chika, which is at an altitude of 9800 ft, around 3100 ft higher than Manali.  It is a simply beautiful trek, wherein one gets to witness tall mountains and trees all around, right at the start of it. The fluvial Rani river and the cattle grazing on the left away green pastures and the playful clouds make the entire view more serene.

Reaching Chika, an energetic chit-chat session would go on for hours with our team-mates accompanied by hot tea and then a heavenly dinner! The night ends for those who want to hit the sack!


Manali Snow Himachal Ice Rohtang Goat

Manali Snow Himachal Ice Rohtang Goat



Trek from Chika to Balu-Ka-Gera-

Waking up hearing the pleasant voices and whistles of nature, after a hefty breakfast, the trek begins from Chika to Balu-Ka-Gera. Surrounded by foggy highlands, and aromatic wild flowers, you would feel more magical witnessing nature’s best surprise of a bright and clear sky, quickly engulfed with thick layers of fog in the next few seconds, bringing down the visibility to near zero.

The ecstatic feeling wouldn’t be done with this for the day. The roaring river- Jwara Nullah waits to excite you. And when you are done crossing it, you would have a story of your own called ‘The Paralyzed Feet’.



Trek from Balu-Ka-Gera to Sheagoru via Hampta Pass-

Balu ka Gera campsite is a flat ground amidst the mountains that you will cross this day to reach the pass.  Situated at an elevation of 11, 900 ft, the day’s trek encompasses 9 hours.

The rivalry is friendly but fierce and cold. There will be penalty misses, maybe penalty shout outs too. Yes! Football is the game of the day. After an exciting match and counting onto the goals accomplished, the highest altitude will be achieved on this day at Hampta Pass (14, 100 ft). The day starts by heading towards the mountains you spotted the previous day. The river side trails take you further to the base and then the actual climb to the Hampta pass would go on. Crossing two plateaus and a ridge, the climb to Hampta Pass is a vertical one and is a hard mount.

You would definitely be tired, but the stunning view wouldn’t remind you of it for sure!



Trek from Sheagoru to Chatru, drive to Chandratal-

It is a tricky trekking day, for you will have to cover Shea Goru, placed at an altitude of 12, 900 ft to Chatru at 11, 000 ft amongst the counts of your heartbeat and the slippery trails with a careful navigation. Not scary or difficult though, because you would enjoy the unexpected slidings sooner or later. Glaciers stand next to be crossed. The other side of the Glacier you begin to cross is Chatru, a union of the three passes, Hampta, Rohtang, and Spiti.  And then the drive awaits to the Chandratal.  There are smaller water bodies above Chandratal.

As you slowly sip the hot soup and tend to feel the warmth, the jovial activities like cooking competition, story telling, and much more begin, bringing a life to the liveliness in you. And when there is no sound at all, experience the ‘zap’ moment viewing the beauty of this quiet moon shaped lake, with the lost hung up milky way above you.



Drive from Chandratal to Manali-

You would probably turn all around to take that unforgettable glimpse this morning, since the jeep is waiting to drive you back to Manali.  The drive being nearly 7 to 8 hours, you would take a trip journey recalling every fond memory of these five days. And as the jeep would finally HALT in Manali, you would now clearly know as to how this was the BEGINNING for all of it!


Everyday adds a new story to your book of life. Why don’t you opt to make it a unique story this time, for maybe next time, it would all get under a unique chapter!